I always find these ‘About’ pages a bit awkward. I guess that I’m supposed to offer some kind of information that sets me apart from other photographers, or gives you an insight into my USP. I’ve found that in doing that, I end up with an ‘About’ page that just looks the same as the other 5,000,000 photographers in the world. Instead, I’ll just blather on for a few paragraphs and I’m sure that we can get through this together!

I was born in Crosland Moor, Huddersfield in what used to be an old Workhouse. Throughout my childhood, my Dad used to take me out walking on the hills around Huddersfield and fishing (spectacularly unsuccessfully) at the local reservoirs. Although I caught nothing by the way of fish, through these outings I did develop a love of Pennine countryside. The country trackways, drystone walls, old drinking troughs, gritstone outcrops and contoured views were embedded so deeply in my psyche, that even now I couldn’t stay off of the hills if I tried.

Another interest that I have held since childhood, is history. Particularly the history of the Pennines, from the first Mesolithic hunters that followed the herds and made their camps on the local hilltops, to the industrialisation of the valleys and those people who toiled in the mills and factories, fighting for the rights that we now benefit from. I feel the weight of history in every corner of the Pennines.

I’ve always been a sucker for a good story and love nothing more than hunting down history and folklore in these bleak hills. Be it a remote standing stone, a panel of ancient rock art, or a place where a historic event happened. This is what informs my photography. I have nothing against a nice photo of a photogenic place, but find that history and folklore add another dimension to an already atmospheric image. I’m not a conventional photographer in the sense that I love all things photographic, but see the medium as a method of storytelling.

So now you know a bit more about me and what pushes my buttons. I hope that you will enjoy my meanderings on this blog and visit my website at ahgphotography.co.uk.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, like your site & work. Could just be me but I think your theme is re-sizing your images to fit (ie making them a bit smaller) and in doing so is blurring them slightly…. Good stuff none the less, keep it up!

  2. Hello Andy
    Would it be acceptable to link your blog to the Pennine Soaring Club website? I am sure many of our members will be interested in your imagery and stories about the areas they fly (paragliders and hanggliders alike) and new-comers to the area who are looking for points of interest, or alternatives to flying for partners of pilots, also visit our site. We are always looking to encourage countryside awareness!

  3. Dear Andy
    Could I republish your blog about the Worsbrough Common Towers in Follies magazine? It’s the organ of the Folly Fellowship, a fun loving group of people who love visiting this aspect of our heritage, and would find fascinating the story of your rediscovery of this remarkable folly group . Your photography is brilliant, so it would be a chance to show off your work in printed form.
    Jonathan Holt
    Editor, Follies

    • Hi Jonathan. Thank you for your kind comments. Yes of course, I’d be very happy for you to publish the article. Email me at andy.hemingway[at]virginmedia.com and I’ll make arrangements to send you the necessary files.

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